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Your future life is just around the corner. Everyone needs to have a financial plan in place for the future for themselves and their families.  Everyone realizes this simple truth yet so many fail to take adequate action.  By adequate, I mean ensuring that the investments they have in place will actually sustain them for the rest of their lives.  Will they have a legacy pot to pass on to loved ones?

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing.”― Theodore Roosevelt

Investments Tailored for an Expat Lifestyle

There are many nuances to being an expat and that includes international investments and understanding the best ways to set them up tax efficiently. 

Lump Sum Investments

Investing a lump sum of money is a great way to ensure your money is working for you, thus generating an additional stream of income.

Regular Savings Plan

Whether you are saving towards retirement, education fee planning, or a future large purchase, a regular savings plan is an excellent tool for gradually building a pot of money to meet your financial goals for the future.

Alternative Investments

An alternative investment is a financial asset that does not meet the traditional investment profile such as stocks, bonds, and cash.  Alternative investments can be used to diversify from the daily fluctuations in the equity markets.

US-Compliant Investments

As a US citizen, ensuring that your investments are fully tax compliant is of critical importance.  No one wants to run afoul of the US government.  All investments for US-connected individuals are analyzed and vetted by US accountants to ensure 100% compliance.

Property Investments

Property is an important asset class to any investment portfolio. Whereas the equity portion of your portfolio is for both long and short-term liquidity, property investments typically have a longer time horizon for accessing funds from property investments.

Passport & Citizenship Services

Having a second passport/citizenship can be beneficial for a wide range of high net worth individuals. Whether you're a entrepreneur with a "weak" home passport or someone who already holds a "strong" passport, government policies change and having the flexibility of a second passport can be priceless.

Trust, Commitment, Accessibility

Client-Driven Approach

In an environment where people associated with the financial industry are painted with a broad brush of mistrust, it is our commitment to change this perspective by providing a refreshing customer experience.  We have found that many investors value accessibility from an investment professional, even more so than actual investment performance in many cases.  

Client services is our focus at Universal Expat Solutions; it is what drives every aspect of our business.  We are in the business of building relationships that evolve beyond just investing.

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